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emo dating websites lillestrøm

FiggyBee 05:45, (UTC) feather colouring edit I removed this piece of statistical commedy genius: in combination, the dark and light areas of the plumage deflect or absorb all but 2 of the sun's radiant heat. 19 Win DT, (2005) "Oleic Acid The Anti-Breast Cancer Component in Olive Oil Faculty of Science and Technology, Assumption University Bangkok, Thailand,.T. Richemu ( talk ) 16:32, (UTC) Not done: Try Emu oil. There is nothing "inhumane" about. The Merriam-Webster reference verifies that in American English, "emu" is pronounced EE-myoo imju and also "EE-moo imu "EE-moo" is not an "erroneous" pronunciation, but is a variant pronunciation. Copying a wrong pronunciation doesn't make it right. Astrial is a very hot and humid contry Emus have now been farmed in parts of Southern India. No record exists of emus have been re-introduced to the island since the last one died in the 90s, and there are no references that I can locate which contradict this. They also make Emu Export for people without tastebuds. Auburn University "Structure of Emu Oil - Emu Oil Fatty Acid Analysis tm 2 "Emu Oil" Wikipedia article. Pete AU aka - Shirt58 ( talk ) 09:34, (UTC) I think both versions should be mentioned. Edit I remember reading in old books many years ago about a second then-living species called the spotted emu (Dromiceius irorratus). Also is now in line with other Bird FAs. Because these have alternative names containing the word "Emu".g. I don't believe this is a word in common use.

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21 Covas MI, Nyyssönen K, Poulsen HE, Kaikkonen J, Zunft HJ, Kiesewetter H, Gaddi A, de la Torre R, Mursu J, Bäumler H, Nascetti S, Salonen JT, Fitó M, Virtanen J, Marrugat J; eurolive Study Group (2006). You may have innocently learnt it from someone else who said it wrong, who learnt it from someone else who said it wrong, who learnt it from someone else who said it wrong, etc, but it's still wrong. "Orally administered emu oil decreases acute inflammation and alters selected small intestinal parameters in a rat model of mucositis." Br J Nutr. Casliber ( talk contribs ) 22:12, 9 November 2011 (UTC) Aborigine is not an appropriate term to use to refer to Aboriginal Australians. There is not enough meat on an emu to make it profitable; the oil is the main product. I just skimmed through it, though, so there might be one or two I didn't catch. Edit I have heard that the collective name for a group of emus is a 'mob'. Pro tip: if you are trying to explain something related to linguistics to someone you think doesn't understands linguistics, express it plain words, not terms that require an understanding of linguistics. It's obviously deeply significant to your doubtless precarious self-respect. They are plain enough in the text anyway. User talk:Hesperian 00:44, (UTC) Second biggest bird? Source: acta zoologica Volume: 92 Issue: 3 Pages: 206-215 DOI: Published: JUL 2011 Times Cited: 0 (from Web of Science) Title: Ancient DNA Suggests Dwarf and 'Giant' Emu Are Conspecific Author(s Heupink Tim.; Huynen Leon; Lambert David.

emo dating websites lillestrøm

an unsuccessful attempt to drive them off was mounted,60 with the army called. In that case I apologise for calling that pronunciation incorrect, but in my defence I consider the OED to be authoritative for the English language and given the majority of other sources agree, I hope it becomes apparent why that might have occurred. The fact that 90 of the world's population once believed the earth was flat never made it true. Since we are talking about the pronunciation of words here, not the location of real world items, if it is OK to add the incorrect pronunciation of emus to this article, as HiLo48 has asked, are you OK with adding the Australian pronunciation to the. FunkMonk ( talk ) 00:48, (UTC) Semi-protected edit request on 13 February 2014 edit Ishwar pawar ( talk ) 09:00, 13 February 2014 (UTC) Not done: as you have not requested a change. I know, basic third-grade arithmetic challenges you hugely.) No serious linguist espouses your provincial, taboo-mongering prescriptivism, nor has since the Victorian era. More information: This article is within of subsequent release version of Natural sciences. Although it is said by conservatives in the medical field that emu oil is not scientifically proven to exhibit any of the properties claimed by producers and marketers, these four properties in particular from among the many claimed, being certifiably exhibited by the constituent omega-9. An active attempt to rid Maria Island of emus, which were not native, was actively being carried out in the 1990s. Journal of the American Chemical Society. User talk:Hesperian 05:52, (UTC) Looking at it some text with the picture is needed for clarification of which is which! The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are principally by way of cyclooxygenase-2 and 5-lipoxygenase inhibition.

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  • In Western Australia, one of the most popular mainstream beers is Emu Bitter,.6 lager produced by the Lion Nathan-owned Swan Brewery.
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25 Charleston M (editor) (nd). Cites needed in cultural section. Editor(s Glatz P; Lunam C; Malecki I Source: welfare OF farmed ratites Book Series: Animal Welfare Series Volume: 11 Pages: 131-145 DOI:.1007/ _7 Published: 2011 Times Cited: 0 (from Web of Science) Title: Stray Feathers Reflections on the Structure, Behaviour and Evolution of Birds. The latter lists Casuariidae as a family within Struthioniformes, whereas this article claims to be a distinct /order family/ of Aves. Without a source and no mention in the text it's hard to say what is meant. Edit The pronunciation used in a different variety of English from that spoken in Australia is not "erroneous especially since it's closer to the pronunciation used in the probable origins of the word. Checklist of the Birds of Australia. If this comment is still on the talk page, assume that the job is yet to be done.

emo dating websites lillestrøm

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That, and it really was called the "Emu War if you have reliable sources that contradict it being called that, please present them.- Mr Fink ( talk ) 16:42, 2 November 2014 (UTC) Reverting npov isn't "original research". Plus they can kill a full grown man by kicking him. HiLo48 ( talk ) 05:44, (UTC) Extreme circumstances need citations. There's also a myth that Emu oil can cure arthritis and Emu meat is much healthier than Chickens. If not, why not, and why does that reason not equally apply to this article? Casliber ( talk contribs ) 11:35, (UTC) On a related note, it seems this is often cited when it comes to Emu subspecies: Condon,.T. ( talk ) 14:26, (UTC) Done - Arjayay ( talk ) 15:11, (UTC) A mob of emus? In my opinion, if one party is more at fault here, it is Nagakura shin8, and not just because they have two rants to one. En-AU Speaker (T) (C) (E) 13:28, (UTC) Yes, in my 62 years as an Australian I've never heard any other pronunciation but /imju/. Longhair 03:02, (UTC) A map has already been requested. I don't think we need a source for the Emu being on the Australian 50 cent coin or Swan Brewery beers. Predcon ( talk ) 22:45, (UTC) To do list edit Okay - stuff which needs doing (this will be easier than giraffe.

emo dating websites lillestrøm

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Porno filmer gratis ts escorts oslo Every sentence under "Classification" begins with "the as do several adjacent sentences under "Description". ( talk ) 21:49, (UTC) Fossil Range edit The Paleocene to the present? You wouldn't think it when you look at 90 of the times that "emu" is written in this article.
Bondage tips billig sexy undertøy And why has this not been reported to worldwide news agencies? "for some distance at a time" is unnecessarily unspecific; it sounds silly. However, the pronunciation /nju rlinz/ is used in this country (indeed, you would almost never hear another pronunciation in counterpoint to the word emu which many Americans do pronounce correctly). It is supported anecdotally by a large number of users numbering in the thousands." A great many references can be cited, of which a sampling of mixed quality is as follows: 14 Wong C (2013) "What You Need to Know About Emu Oil" (Cathy emo dating websites lillestrøm Wong.
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